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Loss of Intimacy After 50: Can Your Relationship Survive? The Importance of Communication

Over the last two months, we have received so many comments on past videos from women (and men) dealing with the effects of menopause on intimacy that we really want to refocus on this important topic. It is amazing that at this age we know so little about our bodies and accept that loss of libido and sexual dysfunction is the status quo we must live with. While it is normal to experience changes in desire and performance as we age, we do not have to live with it! Most of it is totally treatable if we just understand what is happening. Many of the comments we received quoted “growing resentment” and “giving up on the relationship or marriage”. Paige, along with other experts, points out the critical importance of open communication to get through the menopausal years. We understand this is easier said than done, and very uncomfortable and embarrassing for many. We hope that by openly talking about these issues in our videos we can help make these conversations easier. For questions or topic suggestions, please leave your comments below, or submit privately to our suggestion box on our website. Please share if you know someone who would benefit from this information.

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