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The Red BagA Journey of Healing through
Life, Death & Beyond

A book to help find meaning and healing in life’s most challenging times and become open to the messages from beyond this earthly realm.

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Intimacy After 50: Taking Charge of your Sexual Health

Today, we launch our series on taking charge of our sexual health and rediscovering sex after 50. And one of the key element to achieving sexual health and enjoying a satisfying sex life is to be able to talk about it. Yet it seems that no matter how mature (or old) we become, the topic of sex remains a taboo subject. At this point in our lives a lot has changed. Our past experience with intimacy, sex and relationships, and the natural process of aging has left lasting effects on our mindset and body. Rediscovering our sexual selves after 50 – with or without a partner – can be a fun, pleasurable and healthy process. And rediscovering sensuality may be just what we need to reignite a burnt out marriage, heal past traumas, or give us the confidence we need when starting over again after fifty.



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