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Facebook Blues: Hormones and Social Media after 50

Facebook has been an incredible tool for reconnecting with our past, and staying present with friends and family. But the age of social media is also having a negative effect on thousands of us over 50 in the midst of hormonal havoc, emotional roller coasters, and daily challenges with energy and physical changes. Why don’t we measure up? What do our happy friends and motivational gurus plastered all over our newsfeed have that we don’t have? Newsflash: a mask that hides the whole story! Today, we take off the mask and acknowledge that we all have bad days and struggle with managing life’s ups and downs. And when you are over 50, sometimes no matter how hard you try to be up, your hormones will bring you down. The good news, if hormones are bringing you down, you CAN take charge and fix it! The first step is to understand how hormones may be affecting your quality of life! (And that goes for women AND men!)

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