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Integrative Healing

Learning to Connect to Your Body’s Own Innate Wisdom and Healing

The Red BagA Journey of Healing through
Life, Death & Beyond

A book to help find meaning and healing in life’s most challenging times and become open to the messages from beyond this earthly realm.

The Path

The Path That Led Me Here

SpiritualMystic Coaching

Connect to your multi-dimensional soul experience.

The Path That Led Me Here

What leads us down our path? How do we get to where we are in any given moment? How does our path mirror our body, soul and our life’s purpose? For me, my path has been about seeking. I am a seeker of adventure, inner growth, spiritual enlightenment, healing, soul fulfillment, happiness, inner wisdom and truth. To be on this path I call my journey has meant that I needed to be true to my calling and inner knowing, no matter what. Being true to me hasn’t always been easy, especially when others around me wanted me to fulfill what they wanted me to be and do, not necessarily what was for my highest good.

The path has been exciting, bumpy, adventurous, winding, scary and fulfilling all wrapped up in one. The more in alignment I have become with me, the clearer the purpose and the path has become. On this journey, I have been fortunate enough to have had many touching experiences, trials, tribulations and challenges that have enabled me to walk in many shoes. These experiences, along with the intuition I have been blessed with, have led to a deep understanding of the human condition and the ability to assist people from all walks of life on their journey.

The human experience, which is fraught with trials, tribulations, and challenges, can tax all that we are, force us to question all we believe, and leave us doubting our capabilities. It can strip us of our confidence and leave us feeling vulnerable and wallowing in grief for our losses. Eventually we begin to operate from a place of fear, which can feel lonely and isolating. However, there is one message that I have learned above all else – you are not alone.

It is easy to get knocked off your path as we become influenced or changed by people, situations, traumatic events and circumstances. This creates a disconnect between your body and soul and its own innate wisdom and knowing. I know this very well because I have been there myself. These life events become lodged in the “whole” body and serve to block energetic pathways, which then can manifest in varying degrees of medical and mental issues and an unhealthy soul and mind/body connection.

Through my own personal journey of self-reflection and healing, as well as the knowledge from the thousands of clients I have been honored to work with through the years, the theme of ‘disconnection’ and lack of trust in one’s own innate bodily wisdom, continues to stick out like red flags. As it has been my life’s purpose to assist those on their journey of self-connection, purpose and healing, I have been able to create an approach that brings one back to the instruction booklet we were given when we came into this lifetime – the body and soul’s innate wisdom of healing and knowing.

In connecting with my soul’s purpose to assist others in remembering their own truth, inner wisdom and knowing, I get to witness the true gift of being a part of something much bigger than me: seeing individuals step into their true selves, release what has not served them, connect to their body and soul’s wisdom and create a life of true living, not just existing. I am thankful every day for this honor and gift.

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