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The Green Wellness Laser




Science understands that all things are made of energy, all vibrating at their own frequencies. Now, it seems, science has gotten on board with the idea that the billions of cells in our body know where each other is located. All the water and blood in the body is connected in the same way as all the cells.

The cells in our body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. The Green Wellness Laser has been designed to adjust the body’s cell frequencies for an optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and systems. It was concluded that low level laser therapy can affect the physical as well as chemical properties of blood cells.

How it works

When you hold the Green Wellness Laser to the area of stress, your body begins to “resonate with the frequencies” in the laser. When the organs and systems of the body become attuned with the frequencies that are in the laser, the body can self-correct and return to a balanced state. The laser comes equipped with 5 different adjustable tips, takes 2 AAA batteries and is just a slight bigger than a ball point pen.

With our busy work lives and many life phases, many of us experience symptoms in the body that are related to stress and have a lasting effect on the cells in our body. The vibrations that come from the Green Wellness laser help bring the body into balance while boosting the immune system, assisting in bringing the body to a healing state of equilibrium.

What others are saying

Many have used the Green Wellness laser. Some have said after just the first use that, “I feel amazing.” “I felt it work within minutes.” “Within minutes I felt I could move my stiff hands more freely.” In most cases, the body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in a state of perfect balance. There are many other uses for the laser, and we recommend that you make the green laser change toward better health!

Although the Green Wellness Laser is not FDA approved for medical purposes, it is FDA regulated to meet all the standards of safety. Independent distributors make no claim this product is intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat, or diagnose disease or any medical condition. If you have any reason to believe you have a health problem, you should seek consultation from a medical doctor. Results may vary from person to person based on the imbalance of the body.


By Dr. Claude Swanson

In recent years lasers have been finding more uses in medicine. As our understanding of the body has advanced, we have learned that certain frequencies play very specific roles in growth and healing, and this is leading to a deeper appreciation of the potential of using light in medicine. For example, it was discovered in the 1970’s by Fritz-A4lbert Popp (Popp, 1992) that DNA generates short quantized pulses of light called “biophotons,” which enable the DNA molecule to control other molecules in the cell. These pulses of light, which occur at many colors or frequencies ranging from the ultraviolet down through the visible, the infrared and even into the microwave spectrum, are responsible for energizing life processes and enabling the molecules in the body to do their work.

One of the great advances that has come from this research is the understanding that the DNA molecule generates a range of frequencies, and each frequency relates to a specific biological process. Ukrainian scientist Sergei Sit’ko (Sit’ko, 1993, 1994) found that in a healthy body, each frequency should be present at a certain strength, and when a certain frequency is weak, it results in illness. He found that by restoring the strength of that specific frequency, he was able to correct many illnesses. He also found that these signals are carried in the acupuncture meridian system and appear to explain one of the ways that system acts to regulate growth and healing in the body.

While much of Sit’ko’s work is related to lower frequency radiation called “microwaves,” the research of Frohlich (Frohlich, 1968, 1983) showed that virtually all biological molecules vibrate and have certain components which carry charge, which in turn means they can be manipulated by electromagnetic waves of specific frequencies. In the case of an enzyme, for example, a light signal (biophoton) of a specific frequency may serve to activate it and “turn it on.” In the same way, it has been discovered that light in the middle of the visible spectrum, in the green range around 532 nm (nanometers) wavelength, has a number of specific biological effects on red blood cells, and these effects may assist the body in the healing process.

In the case of the green laser, it has been found that very low levels of this frequency of light reduce the tendency of red blood cells to “clump” together, and this reduces the viscosity of blood and enables the blood to flow more easily through capillaries. This is referred to as a “rheological property” since it describes the ease with which the blood flows in tight places like capillaries.

“Thus it was concluded that low level laser therapy can affect the physical as well as chemical properties of blood cells which is not only helpful in preservation of blood but also in revitalizing the physically and chemically stressed erythero citatory membranes. It was determined that the laser therapy decreases the viscosity of blood thus increasing the electrophoretic mobility of erythrocytes.”(Al Timini, 2011)

This conclusion was supported by a literature review of recent research on laser therapy, especially relating to green lasers:

“This paper reports the results of a research study that concluded that 532 nm green laser irradiation significantly improved the rheological properties of blood, especially on platelets important in wound healing, and also the red blood cells that help transport oxygen.” (Study Standard, 2014)

At a site of injury or bruising, for example, the ability of the body to heal will depend upon the ability of blood to flow to and from the site. The more easily the red blood cells can move into and out of zones of injury, the faster and more easily will healing occur. Other injuries, such as bone and cartilage, often heal more slowly because of poor blood circulation in the area. Such injuries are often associated with chronic pain, as well.

In addition, the 532 nm light appears to strengthen the membrane of the red blood cells, making them more capable of surviving and carrying out their work. It appears to reduce the viscosity of the blood in such regions, enabling it to flow more easily to where it is needed. Researchers conclude that these effects “increase the red cell functionality.”

Some of these effects were first discovered by Weber in the last ten years (Weber, 2007). One motivation for this research was that it was suspected, based on the color, that the red cells would absorb the green light very effectively, since it is a complementary color. Weber’s work was summarized by Al Timimi (AlTimimi, 2011) as follows: “A comparative study between red and green laser light was also conducted by treating those patients with green laser irradiation who had already been treated with red laser previously. After this development in the field of low level laser therapy, 20 liver patients and 20 lipid metabolism patients were treated with mere green laser light successfully, demonstrating more acceptable results than red light therapy. At that time the effects of green laser on the rheological properties of blood were discovered which were more beneficial than red light (Weber, 2007) Improved “rheological” propertiesmeans the blood flows more easily and circulation is improved.

In addition, it was observed that the 532 nm green laser “stimulated the electrical activity of the erythrocyte membrane potential,” and activated the membrane potential of the mitochondria. At any site of injury, which is usually a site where pain is occurring, the laser has another beneficial effect. By “increasing red cell functionality” it means the red blood cells can more efficiently carry out their tasks. “Aggregation” or “clumping” of red blood cells is reduced, which greatly improves red blood cell effectiveness. “Deformability” is also reduced, another sign that the red blood cells are healthier and stronger after green light irradiation.

A second valuable feature of the 532 nm green laser pen is the set of special tips which enable it to generate fractal illumination patterns. This can be an effective way to apply the laser energy, because the biophoton system in the body is also a fractal system. The fractal illumination patterns generated by the special laswe tips should couple efficiently to the fractal biophoton spectrum of the body. This should be a highly effective way to strengthen it and bring it back into balance.

To understand why these special tips may be useful, let us discuss fractals for a moment. A “fractal” is a relatively new concept, but has been found to be very important in biology. For example, Dr. Fritz Popp, the pioneer of biophoton research, observed that biophotons have fractal behavior:

“A very striking feature of biophoton emission is the fractal behavior of the intensity pattern in dependence of time t and/or frequency omega…Even the Fourier pattern is self-similar to its original intensity-time pattern.” (Popp, 1992)

Fractals arise frequently in nature. One familiar example is the branching of a tree or fern. On the largest scale, the trunk or stem has branches, and along each branch there are smaller and smaller branches. If on each of these branches, there are even small branches and shoots, so the whole pattern looks the same when viewed under magnification, then the pattern is “self-similar.” It looks the same at different magnifications. This is an essential property of fractals. The same effect can happen with frequencies, as in biophotons. Fractals can arise because of “non-linear mixing” in the tissue of the body or in the DNA. When two biophotons interact, they produce other biophotons whose frequencies can be the sum and difference of the original waves. The strength of each wave will have a particular relationship with the others, and if this relationship or pattern holds over a wide range of frequencies, then the biophoton spectrum again will be self-similar and probably represents a fractal system. This property makes it possible for many different frequencies to be coupled together and to behave as a coherent system.

Because of this apparently “fractal” nature of the biophoton spectrum, it makes sense that the best way to stimulate it is with a similar fractal system. Many frequencies would be present over a wide range, and they would bear a “self-similar” relationship to each other. When coupling to the biophoton spectrum of the body, which also appears to be fractal and contains a “self-similar” spectrum of frequencies over a very wide range range from low frequencies up to ultraviolet frequencies, the two systems will couple and interact over this very wide frequency range. This seems much more efficient that the TENS approach of injecting a single frequency and relying on the non-linearities of the system to generate all the other frequencies in the spectrum.

Although the green laser pen only uses one frequency, or color, which is ideal for coupling to red blood cells, its lens attachments generate a fractal spatial pattern, a pattern of lines and dots with fractal spatial relationship over many length scales. If the applicator is moved around on the skin, this converts the fractal spatial pattern into a fractal TIME pattern. In this way, the biophotons can be stimulated by a fractal spectrum, which seems very likely to couple efficiently with the biophoton spectrum of the body. It appears that such a stimulation is very likely to be more effective than stimulation at a single frequency. In essence, it “talks” to the body’s biophoton fractal spectrum in its own language, with a fractal pattern of its own, so it would seem to be ideally suited as a method to stimulate and balance any weaknesses in the body’s biophoton spectrum.

Although the Green Wellness Laser is not FDA approved for medical purposes, it is FDA regulated to meet all the standards of safety. Independent distributors make no claim this product is intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat, or diagnose disease or any medical condition. If you have any reason to believe you have a health problem, you should seek consultation from a medical doctor. Results may vary from person to person based on the imbalance of the body.


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