Kundalini –EBD Yoga

Kundalini Yoga integrated with (EBD), Energetic Body Dialogue incorporates yoga with complementary and alternative techniques that address the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and nutritional deficiencies present in people’s bodies and also very prevalent with those suffering from stress, trauma, medical conditions and life changing personal events.

(EBD) Energetic Body Dialogue: A gentle approach, created by Paige, developed as part of her innovative Biodynamic Energetic Body Therapy (SM), that incorporates many complementary and alternative medicine approaches, enabling one to connect fully with their mind, body and spirit, restoring it to a healthy, functioning state of wholeness. Based on the principle that stress, trauma, and life-changing personal events become lodged in the “whole” body and must be released in order for the body to restore to a healthy state.

Kundalini yoga is an ancient science with the technology of awareness which can be awakened and expanded through use of stretching, rhythmic movements, breathing techniques, meditations and mantras. It is a fast and effective way to clear and calm the mind, energize the body, balance the nervous and glandular systems while uplifting your spirit. You will learn how to gain a strong immune system, strengthen you adrenals and other vital glands, maintain a strong nervous system, good circulation, and have an awareness of the impact of your habits. It helps to calm the mind, create mental/emotional balance and develop your intuition to recognize what is real and important for personal growth and transformation. It enables you to find and speak your truth, while developing your mental potential.

In every mental state, the subconscious plays a major role which we are not aware of and it keeps us in “the past” instead of moving us forward. The past is only the experience you have in your subconscious mind and we become attached to it and begin to identify with it. If you do not clean out and tap into the subconscious mind, it sits behind your conscious mind and does mischief by repeating the experiences which are already in the past, but are recorded in the subconscious. Everything depends on your mental outlook!