Energetic Body Dialogue (EBD)

Paige has created a groundbreaking gentle treatment developed as part of her innovative Biodynamic Energetic Body Therapy (SM), which incorporates many complementary and alternative approaches to healing. It is based on the principle that stress, trauma, medical conditions and life-changing personal events become lodged in the “whole” body and must be released in order for the body, mind and spirit to move into alignment, thus, creating a healthy and restored connection. This complimentary healing approach can be used as a stand-alone or integrated into other approaches including, conventional treatment modalities. EBD provides the following benefits:

  • Allows positive transformation and healing by unblocking energy pathways that have been holding the trauma(s) and/or stressors.
  • Develops trust in the information and wisdom the body has to offer.
  • Delivers clarity and insight into the body’s mental, physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual needs.
  • Transforms negative thinking/ beliefs and debilitating emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual components created from ongoing stress, traumatic event(s), medical conditions or life changing personal events.
  • Helps diminish and/or alleviate physical pain and discomfort in the body where emotional components are stored.
  • Cultivates a safe, effective way to re-connect to a body once detached from its wholeness.
  • Creates empowerment, rejuvenation, energy, peace, clarity, hope and a plan moving forward for self-care.