In the field of health and wellness, practitioners are consistently ‘giving’ to their clients and patients while at times experiencing bouts of vicarious traumatization all the while slowly and detrimentally draining the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual components of their own body. I have seen throughout this field that self-care, self-nourishing and self-love are talked about to their clients and patients, yet not followed by the practitioner. Putting into motion ‘what you teach’ creates alignment in your own life, which in turn creates healthy boundaries, healthy modeling and resilience, while lessening the burnout of your ‘whole body’. In order to assist another to help themselves, practitioners must first look within and make a commitment to self-care, self-growth and self-nourish. As a practitioner myself, I continually walk this path of self-discovery, growth, care and nourishment, by utilizing integrative healing on physical, emotional, mental, energetic, nutritional and spiritual levels. Let me help lift you up on your path, so you can enjoy your life and your work and be in alignment with your purpose.