Professional Training – Workshops – Retreats

An array of behavioral health training and workshop options are available for both professionals and anyone seeking personal development, growth and healing or who would like to become a healer in the wellness field.

Professional Trainings

Professional trainings are geared toward behavioral health providers and wellness practitioners (i.e., energy healers, body workers, life and career coaches, yoga instructors, medical practitioners and clinicians in the mental health field) who want to utilize a cutting edge integrative approach to healing and wellness, for their patients and clients. Training programs can include CEU’s, certifications, train the trainer and master level options. Train to be a healer certified programs are also offered for anyone interested in becoming a healer.

EBD (level I, II and Master Teacher)

Reiki (level I, II and Art)

Biodynamic Touch Therapy (BTT)

Energetic Body Dialogue (EBD)/Reiki combination

The following integrative therapeutic trainings and workshops can be taken individually or combined with EBD, or Reiki, or EBD/Reiki integrative training.

Healing from the Inside Out Workshops

Personal development, growth and healing workshops are a part of my Healing from the Inside Out series, which offer insight, education and healing via a hands-on approach. These workshops focus on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual and nutritional components of the mind/body/soul connection.

  • Power Animals: Connecting to your Animal Spirit Guides
  • Medicine Wheel Healing
  • Eco-therapy hiking
  • Chakra Medicine Therapy
  • Yogic Healing
  • Level I: Disease as a Manifestation of Chakra Dysfunction
  • Advanced EBD-Chakra Immersion
  • Embrace, Transform and Rebirth during Perimenopause
  • Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • Mothering the Mother: Self-care, Honoring and Boundary Building for your Personal Wellness
  • Adrenal Fatigue and the Brain/Gut Connection (Level 1)
  • Journeying Into Shamanic Energy Medicine

Retreats and Healing Intensives

Individual, group and gender retreats or healing intensives offered throughout the year, in half day, one, two day or longer time increments. Both are customizable to include any combination of integrative therapies or workshops and provide the following benefits:

  • Recovery, down-time and support for stress-related issues, PTSD, life-changing events, medical issues and/or personal growth.
  • Personal growth and recovery from stress related issues, life changing events, and medical conditions (I.e., PTSD, adrenal fatigue, cancers, low neurotransmitter functioning).
  • Connecting to your inner self, finding growth through self-awareness and spiritual wellness.
  • Education for prevention, lifestyle management, and greater wellness (I.e., lifelong tools and techniques for daily living).
  • Ecotherapy: Nature-based healing integrated with complementary and alternative therapeutic practices.
  • Finding clarity, understanding and meaning by learning to live and heal from the inside out.
  • Deepening spiritual growth.

Various populations who have utilized retreats and healing intensives:(Women, Men, Warriors and Warrior Athletes, Couples, Behavioral Health Therapists, Practitioners, Professional Athletes, LGBT, First Responder Communities)

Retreat options include but are not limited to: