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Paige Valdiserri is an internationally recognized Traumatic Stress & Integrative Healing Consultant. She is a highly regarded speaker, author, consultant, healer, coach and trainer. Her international work at the corporate level, which includes programs in the Middle East and Africa, and unique integrative healing approach, has empowered thousands of individuals on the front lines of stress to go from a place of personal fracturing back to wholeness.  Whether it is recovering from war zones, natural disasters, sexual violence, medical/chronic illness, intense professional/corporate settings, life-changing personal events, and/or ongoing spiritual growth, clients and organizations have described her as a teacher, a guide, a healer, a spiritual intuitive and a reflection of themselves.

As a Board-Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress, Paige is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, Energy Medicine Healer, Biodynamic Craniosacral Trauma Therapist, Body Therapist, Master Reiki Teacher, Biofeedback practitioner, Shamanic healer, Spiritual intuitive, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Subconscious Restructure Coach, clairvoyant, empath and body intuitive.  Paige consults and collaborates with corporate executives, physicians, chiropractors, and integrative holistic practitioners around the country through live video streams, trainings, workshops, teleconferences and podcasts.

The healing approach she developed, Biodynamic Energetic Body Therapy (BEBT), integrates various forms of Biodynamic and Bioenergetic healing, unique dialoguing techniques, clairvoyant and intuitive abilities, and draws from each of the modalities mentioned above in a way that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

This approach is built on the premise that our bodies hold our life story and the key to healing from a physical, mental, emotional, medical, energetic, nutritional, and spiritual standpoint.  When any of these components become compromised or out of balance as a result of not being maintained in a healthy manner, they have the potential to become deficiencies in the body, which can then manifest into stress, illness, injury, medical conditions, and possibly death.  This approach teaches and empowers clients to address, connect, and ultimately trust their body’s inner knowing and innate wisdom for proactive and ongoing healing.

On a global level, Paige served as a subject-matter expert on trauma treatment and gender-based violence on a panel at Howard University (2017) in conjunction with its Department of African Studies where she consults on a project to assist victims of human sex trafficking in Nigeria become re-integrated back into society through a multicultural entrepreneurial program.  She is heavily involved in preventing global violence against women, particularly honor killings, and has generated awareness about the issue through fundraising, social media, legal offices and The List Project.  Additionally, she has worked in Rwanda with government officials and local community leaders to address systemic responses to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for victims of the genocide and has counselled displaced refugees from Sierra Leone’s civil war in the United States.

In her capacity as the Director of Behavioral Health for an international occupational health firm,  Paige developed and managed the firm’s first (holistic) behavioral health department for its domestic and international contracts, including support for the military, government contractors and family support for those deployed.  Her work in Iraq was beneficial for program development by bringing cutting-edge modalities to the war zones for the men and women who serve.  Her responsibilities included developing and implementing company policies, procedures and operations, regarding comprehensive behavioral health programs, training of behavioral health providers on innovative modalities to utilize in war zones, training all medical staff on protocols involving trauma, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), emergency preparedness and disaster response, cultural gender issues, and organizational assessment and screening, as well as developing national Next of Kin (NOK) teams.  She also ran staff development trainings and workshops on topics such as leadership, corporate culture, managing stress in war zones, cultural diversity and awareness, workplace violence, gender issues, culture sensitivity for those deployed to third world countries, and suicide awareness and prevention.

Her speaking engagements have included keynote addresses for the Arizona Fire District Association where she addressed “Leading and Supporting from the Inside Out” for fire executives, human resources and board members (2016), the National Association of State Women Veterans Coordinators Inc. (2013) and the American Counseling Association’s global webinar (2012) where she addressed the theme of transforming trauma through energetic healing and a range of Eastern and Western healing modalities.  She also addressed the 2008 symposium “Every Crisis is a Human Crisis” at Georgetown University and the Defense Health Board Task Force on Mental Health at the Pentagon in 2007 as a panel expert in traumatic stress.  In addition, she was featured as the keynote speaker for NASA’s Executive Safety Forum (2007) where she addressed workplace violence and emergency preparedness and response in corporate settings.  Paige also collaborated with Senator James Webb’s Office and the American Counseling Association to write much-needed provisions for the Wounded Warrior Act.  She developed and implemented Employee Support Services for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency and developed the first Behavioral Health component for the Pentagon’s MASCAL drills.

As an author, Paige launched her first book Messages from the Edge:  Paigeisms for Transformational Healing in March 2014 and just released her new book The Red Bag: Connecting the Journey of Healing through Life, Death and Beyond.  Both books are dedicated to anyone who has or is struggling with life’s challenges, traumas, spiritual growth and curiosity of what lies beyond death.

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