Modern Shamanic Healing

Modern Shamanic healing is not about becoming a master, but rather about attaining mastery of one’s own life and mastery of consciousness. Integrating shamanic principles into modern practices, highlights a desire to utilize the wisdom of ancient healing experience within a contemporary framework. It is intended to improve quality of life by healing core issues, living in alignment, releasing that which does not serve one’s highest good, bringing balance to thoughts, harmony to feelings, restoration to the body’s health and reconnecting to the healing aspects of all elements in nature.

Highlights of modern shamanic healing:

  • Complementary to modern medicine, therapy and training and adaptable across cultures
  • Shamanic counseling is a form of energy medicine
  • Addresses the components of physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual well-being
  • Releases the body’s feel good chemicals
  • Concerned with individual, community, natural, spiritual and world connection
  • Offers valuable insights into our experience, biology and culture

Aspects of Shamanism

  • Connection with Nature 
    • Shamanic practices tap into the power of the elements and the ancient indigenous teachings derived from the simplistic truths of nature.
  • Healing of Self & Community 
    • Shamanism is not only concerned with the health of the individual, but also the health of the entire community. (People, plants, animals and all of life)
  • Spiritual Practice
    • Daily spiritual practice allows for continued, exponential growth of both body and soul with a goal being to create internal and external harmony with all creation.
  • Pilgrimage to Sacred Places
    • Learning to approach and connect with sacred places by honoring natural wonders, such as rivers, lakes, mountains and caves, we reawaken, heal, release and invigorate ourselves and our connection to the energy of the land.
  •  Ceremonies
    • Ceremonies honor the teachings and customs while also marking a transition in one’s life. Such ceremonies promote and honor harmony, oneness and balance.