Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is an empathy based therapy focused on the felt sense of stillness and slowness. The client participates as a partner in the therapeutic process of feeling wholeness. From the time of conception until now, we are always one whole body. The billions of cells in our body know where each other is located. All the water and blood in the body is connected in the same way as all the cells. It happens by fluid flows, currents and tidal movements in the body as it swells and recedes normally. This brings nutrition to every cell and simultaneously removes waste products along with bringing new health and life to every part of you.

Your body is designed for self-correction and there are systems that are continually working towards a balanced state of health in you. BCST therapists are trained to feel for these tides, and fluid flows, to work with them when they are out of balance. This is usually a quiet, restful therapy. It is common to experience a session feeling like a tune-up, where you feel vital and refreshed afterwards.

You would want a BCST session if you’re feeling stressed, out-of-sorts, or not yourself… if you know you are out of alignment, and would like to reconnect with your inner resilience. BCST can also improve recovery rates from a variety of illnesses and traumas.

BCST for Trauma Resolution

If your body has had overwhelming experiences or life-changing events, like accidents, interpersonal traumas, surgeries, grief or loss, etc.; it may be holding the imprint of them inside of you. This can generate symptoms, sometimes right away, or even decades later. Some therapies help you find ease, so you can have some temporary relief. Then as your stress level creeps up again, or life gets hectic, the symptoms pop up again and you find yourself needing relief again. If you find yourself experiencing post-traumatic symptoms, we would see this as the body being stuck and telling its story of fight, flight or freeze.

BCST for Trauma Resolution actually gets to the level of the traumatic imprint, so that you do not need to stay in that same symptom-relief cycle any more. It is actually possible to access what the body is holding, and witness it transforming with this work.

As the practitioner works with you to safely access these leftovers from trauma, the body finds completion, and does not need to be stuck any more. In doing this kind of work, it is not important for you to know, or share, the details of the trauma, so the work can even be done without the context of the event(s).