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Snipers/counter snipers
Hostage rescue teams
Special weapons and tactics
Explosive ordinance
Elite rescue teams

Traditional Forces
Explosive Ordinance
Special tactics
Combat Controllers
Special Forces
Hostage rescue teams
Firsthand experience in Theatre (Middle East)
Designed/implemented training seminars for deployment purposes and family issues
Worked with families of service members
Peacetime responders

In the field of health and wellness, practitioners are consistently ‘giving’ to their clients and patients while at times experiencing bouts of vicarious traumatization all the while slowly and detrimentally draining the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual components of their own body.

Acceptance of self
Maintaining healthy intimate relationships
Sexual abuse/assault

Local, State and Federal LE
One on one counseling/coaching
Conduct debriefings
Development and implementation of multi-purpose training seminars
Special Operations
Hostage Negotiation Teams
Undercover OPS
On scene provider for traumatic situations

After decades working as a Behavioral Health therapist specializing in trauma while utilizing a plethora of integrative techniques, a reemerging theme continued to show itself with clients.

Sexual abuse/assault/rape
Honor killings
Transitioning back into the workforce
Relationship issues
Emotional and physical aspects of hormonal imbalance
Working in a male dominated career field
Finding and connecting to your Spirit
Becoming “whole” and connected to self; learning to love, forgive and be gentle with yourself


We work on integrating solutions into your life that are manageable; we ‘unstuff’ that which has been stuffed, and release whatever the body is holding, so that you can move forward with clarity, understanding, articulation and purpose.

With age comes great wisdom, knowledge and unfortunately, bodily aches, pains, illness, dis-ease and the awareness of the dying process. The aging process can be a challenging time in one’s life to embrace, as the body is not only going through physical trials, but it is also experiencing the emotional, mental, nutritional and spiritual aspects as well.

I have extensive experience working with both adults and children who are being challenged with various medical and terminal illnesses.

  • Showing 1-10 of 11 projects in All