Paige’s groundbreaking Energetic Body Dialogue (SM) integrates various forms of Biodynamic and Bioenergetic healing, unique dialoguing techniques, yogic principles, nature and integrative therapies. It teaches an individual to become connected, listen and trust their bodies own innate knowing and wisdom. This technique addresses the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and nutritional deficiencies present in people’s bodies. It is based on the principle that stress, trauma, medical conditions and life-changing personal events become lodged in the “whole” body, creating blocked energetic pathways, manifesting an unhealthy mind/body/spirit connection. Paige’s work allows for positive transformation self-empowerment, rejuvenation, energy, peace, clarity, hope and a plan moving forward for self-care and purpose. This complimentary healing approach can be used as a stand-alone or integrated into other approaches including, behavioral health therapies and other conventional treatment modalities.