Embrace Transform and Rebirth during Perimenopause Retreat

The change of life is an opportunity to reconnect to ‘self’ and to honor the body’s wisdom, courage, strength and creativity. It is the mother of all wake-up calls.  It is the potential to connect energetically with your body as a beautiful sacred temple. Through giving birth to your uniqueness in a revolutionary new way, you now receive the opportunity to become free of society’s untruths about women and its untruths about aging. The old road map you used before this time will become outdated. This is a journey of the new road map. As your body deals with daily changes, it is actually speaking to you and trying to tell its story. Learn and integrate into your life another side of Perimenopause and its empowerment for women. You will learn:

  • Correlation between unfinished business and mood swings
  • Hormones for healing
  • The connection between chakras, emotions and physical anatomy
  • The inner wisdom of the body’s past traumas & stressors
  • Rewiring of the brain: fuzzy thinking
  • The soul and body’s ability for support
  • Body/Soul metamorphosis
  • Giving birth and reclaiming yourself