Advanced EBD-Chakra Immersion Retreat

Delve into each chakra on a personal healing journey. Learn what patterns and behaviors are blocking forward movement, creating medical dis-ease, illness and injury while learning advanced EBD (Energetic Body Dialogue) healing techniques.  for lifestyle management, the connection and knowing of ‘self’, for your life’s journey.

  • Informative content on each chakra and their connection to the endocrine system and your health
  • Neurophysiological and Endocrine associations of the Chakras
  • Basic and advanced characteristics of the chakras, their ‘shadow issues’, characteristics and how they are imperative in the healing process
  • Vibrational medicine techniques for balancing the chakras for optimal health

Specific breath work on balancing each chakra

  • Advanced EBD techniques for listening and trusting your body’s inner wisdom
  • Overview of Chakras:
  • First chakra: Grounding, survival and fear
  • Second Chakra: Sexuality, emotions and guilt
  • Third Chakra: Power, will, anger ‘ego’ issues
  • Fourth Chakra: Love, relationships, grief and not accepting of ‘self’
  • Fifth Chakra: Communication, discernment, owning and speaking your truth
  • Sixth Chakra: Inner knowing, intuition, inner wisdom
  • Seventh Chakra: Consciousness, spirit and faith

Learn the hidden meaning of what medical challenges, diagnosis and illness are telling YOU! When we struggle with medical challenges and dis-ease of any kind, there is always an underlying story that the body is holding, creating ongoing relapse and preventing us from our best recovery. Based on accepted theory in trauma therapy and Biodynamic Cranial Sacral work, which postulates trauma, life-changing events and stress get lodged or stored in the body. This affects the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and nutritional well-being of an individual. My workshop will address this by giving you the awareness and tools through the chakra/endocrine system connection, (chakras: major energy centers connected to the endocrine system and to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing) the body’s Chi system and utilizing a new technique I developed called Energetic Body Dialogue, for healing and lifestyle management.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Define the 7 basic Chakra systems; its connection to the Endocrine system, characteristics and qualities and how each integrates into the healing of the physical, emotional, mental, nutritional, spiritual and energetic body.
  • How to align and create stronger chakras for preventative wellness
  • Understand the Chinese body clock in the Qi 24 hour cycle and how this can benefit for one’s self-care, understanding and connection to unresolved issues and its effects on physical health issues.
  • Interactive Energetic Body Dialogue foundational techniques to assist one in trusting your body’s inner wisdom, aiding in alleviating anxiety and stress, opening energetic blocks and promoting clarity and calmness.