As someone who has been directly affected and is also a part of the Me Too movement, take a listen to the insight and solutions as to how we can begin to educate, model and change for positive forward movement.

Brief Background of Human Trafficking Trafficking, in the form of human trafficking, sex trafficking and sexual slavery, has grown to become one of the world’s worst and most prevalent forms of human rights violation. As one of the fastest growing...

Are you bringing male or female communication traits to your relationship? Yes, women also bring male communication traits to their relationships, and visa versa. The key is to recognize and understand the effect your communication style is having on your…

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with John Overall KVOA & News 4 Tucson – KVOA today to talk about trauma around an event like the Las Vegas Shooting. Something like this impacts lives everywhere and in multiple ways.

On this episode of Our 2nd Act, a regular show my good friend Silke and I release on YouTube, we discuss Insight into various holistic and integrative healing components for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Join and share the discussion on coping and living with fear, trauma and the media.

Childhood trauma is often at the root cause of our relationship issues as adults. And most of us don’t even realize that we are acting on past trauma we experienced as far back as childhood.

Running, jogging and walking are great ways to take charge of our health and get back in shape! There are just a few things you need to know!

What happens after we die? Is there life after death? If so, then is it possible that our deceased loved ones can send us signs they are still with us? Is there evidence that our deceased loved ones send us spirit messages?